Dating a gay gemini

This intellectual man can adapt quickly to a constantly changing world and accepts whatever challenges are put before him in a calm, positive manner. It would be rare to find this man surprised with having insufficient funds in his account to cover a cheque he issued.

The Gemini Man: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

His portfolio will be based on logic and not emotion, so it will consist mainly of stable investments and a defined plan for long-term security. There will be a variety of styles in his wardrobe, but the clothing is all in the latest fashion. Regardless of the occasion, the Gemini man will always have something suitable to wear. Jewelry will be classy and not garish, just like his vehicle. His home and work environments will be kept neatly organized with everything having its place.

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Being a good listener and possessing sound judgment, friends will often call on him for advice. He can sometimes be logical to the point of being irritating, but his rationalization of an argument does allow him to see both sides. The adventurous Gemini man enjoys variety and constant stimulation which means that his bedroom behavior will keep a partner continually surprised and always pleased.

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This gentleman is a flirtatious one and enjoys the romantic side of dating and new connections. Although he may find it difficult to remain with a single partner, once he finds that special someone he becomes totally devoted to the relationship. Being an active individual, this man takes care of his physique and prides himself on broad shoulders and muscular arms.

The Gemini man is an excellent communicator and multi-tasks well, but does require a constant challenge in his workload or boredom will affect his performance. Confident and logical, this gentleman will find success as a lawyer, journalist, teacher, counselor, or broadcaster. With his charismatic personality and gift for gab, politics, or high-profile sales offer tremendous career opportunity for the Gemini man. Future Forecast Report. All About Gemini Gemini Ascendant.

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Love, Sex, Romance, and Relationships with a Gemini Man Charming, flirty, and irresistible, he has incredibly high standards and may throw up a smoke screen or act unpredictably to hide his deepest emotions. This quick-witted individual enjoys a feisty debate and is a difficult person to argue with. See Also: Gemini Horoscopes: Cafe Astrology Home. Share this Article Like this article? They have no desire to deal with your problems because it has the potential to depress them.

I have been kept wondering about the emotional balance of the many people who have expressed their refusal of the opportunity to get better acquainted with me. Seriously though, I find that my duality balances me. I still love myself when I hate myself. I see myself as creative when I feel like a slug. I am gregarious and I do love people. I love to hate them and I love to love them.

Sometimes, I love too fast. Sometimes I want all that I cannot have or possess. He is a Leo, and certainly has had judgment passed on the standard traits of his sign as well. In my love for this special man, therein lies the end of my duality. Together, he and I make a whole person. So how compatible are these two signs? Leo v. Gemini Both tend to find consensus on an emotional and mental level. Leo feels he must always be the center of attraction but feels neglected when Gemini becomes absorbed elsewhere.

Gemini Sun in Love: Traits, Expectations & Fears

If both agree to let each other be free to be their own authentic selves, a sparkling combination is made. Their mutual love of laughter and life gives them great common ground and they can even teach each other a thing or two. Gemini has a way with words and Leo is wired for forgiveness. Any war wounds heal quickly after their battles or disagreements in their partnership. Have tickets to the ballet, opera or symphony? After a night out on the town, a Gemini and Leo couple head straight for home to have their own delectable Sexcapades, almost seeming to melt into one another.

Only now is Gem at a loss for words. Outside their Romper Room for sex, they continue to be a caring couple and the child like charm of the Gemini will captivate that large Leo heart.


Leo is extremely drawn to Gemini by his sex appeal. Gemini has brawn, good looks and a brain. Gemini is witty and can make Leo laugh in a heartbeat which is another plus. Leo will be up for the challenge of mysterious Gemini.

Gay Gemini Dating: The Schizophrenic

Gemini thinks Leo is the best looking lover they have ever had. There is great sex potential and long-term possibility. To make this pairing work, Leo should provide Gemini lots of freedom and keep his sense of humor available at all times. Leo will need to tone down his dramatic episodes and laziness if his strong desire to keep Gemini in the pride. Gemini should always be aloof and remain a mystery to Leo at all times to assure his rightful spot in the pride. Both Leo and Gemini love to party and will share great conversations together, which is a bonus.

Who wrote this blog anyway? Was it a Gemini?

How to Keep the Gemini Man in Love

Nothing Less Than Pure Honesty. Blog Archives About Gemini Jan 4. Available at: Mercury Star Stone: Moss Agate Element: Air Most Compatible With: Gemini Personality Traits v. Leo Jul The Gemini. Thank you. Search for: Blog at WordPress.