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ChicoversCR has changed his main profile picture. ChicoversCR has uploaded new photos. San Jose, Costa Rica estebitan. Estebitan has uploaded new photos. Estebitan has changed his description. San Jose, Costa Rica Cadmil. Cadmil has uploaded new photos. Cadmil has changed his description. The government is currently active in passing new and really stupid laws that affect gambling here.

More and more restrictions are being made or trying to be made. One recent law tried to limit casinos to just 8 hours per day and placed other restrictions as well. If this interests your, I wrote about it here. While I am not a big gambler, I really enjoy going to one downtown haunt for college football and on Sunday for pro football! The food is great and priced right! is here!

The nice thing is that these places never bother you to bet or gamble, so it is fine entertainment. Of course I always manage to lose a few colones as I leave because I do stop for a few minutes of blackjack!

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In most places in the world the term nightclub means a place where you can go for dinner, maybe a live show, dancing and so on. Well these nightclubs are different and the live show is not for the kids. Nightclub here means nude strip clubs or private dance clubs Some do offer food and of course all offer drinks. Entry fees, cover charges, membership dues, all refer to the cost of entry.

Prostitution at these locations is not unheard of. There are also a variety of clubs that are patronized by gay Costa Ricans.

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These ladies will be a lot better looking, the appointments will not be for an hour, and your muscles will not get much treatment. Still, they are around, and asking can get you an answer. Interestingly, it you want a REAL massage i. In fact, many masseuses will come to your house. My wife and I have one who comes to our home for 12, colones each and stays about two hours.

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Hotels of all sorts offer massages, but you are going to get hosed on the price though still way less then in the US. Any kind of sale or distribution of drugs is a serious offense and will result in serious jail time if convicted. Usage of drugs seems to be a different matter. Possession of marihuana, for example, seems to be no big deal in small quantities It just means that you may not be arrested Stronger drugs like crack or cocaine will cause you serious issues. The age of consent in Costa Rica is 18 for both men and women and that includes gay or heterosexual interaction.

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If anyone is thinking about coming to Costa Rica because they heard it was a good place to have relations with children, I would think again. The government here does not tolerate it, nor do the people, and there is a very active enforcement effort to eradicate it. You will never know if the person you are talking to is undercover, and there are really good sting operations that net a lot of these people each year. Fool around with kids, and you may never go home. Costa Rica uses an antiquated version of Napoleonic law.

In Costa Rica, the law is not "innocent until proven guilty" as in the US and many other countries. Here, it is more like "innocent for now, but you are still going to jail, without bail, for a year or so while we prove you ARE guilty".

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